Exhortation for self-proclaimed ‘progressive’ Christians –

With what sort of humility would I long to be heard? Absolute. However, I am yet human and cannot muster such a lofty lowness.

Authority. It is a concept that is necessary if one is to establish anything. It is little wonder than that in our day, when all authority is questioned, there is nothing established. Indeed, some begin to postulate that there may never have been or is currently anything to establish. Glorious and romantic, these vague wanderings are elevated to the position of the holy. In this way, that which is set apart becomes that which is vulgar and marked by no more than normalcy.

If the holy is the normal, it is the normal seen as strange. What a different view of Christianity we have today. Forget the religion though, what a different view of reality we have today. Postmodern Christendom has offered a great deal to the church. This cannot be disputed. It is a shame that most who criticize it do so out of utter ignorance – and often times – arrogance. The most important contribution you self-proclaimed “progressive” saints have offered is a successful and crucial criticism of Modernism. Recognizing that it cannot support a belief in absolutes.

However, the tragedy of such quick pretense to knowledge and progress was the resulting denial of absolutes altogether. It is the death of certainty. O saint of God, if you could hear – – – If there is no certainty, there is no true mysticism. Sincerity. It is what our generation longs for. However, true sincerity can only come from certainty – not the other way round.

In this way, we have traded one false religion of man for another. The apparent nobility of the new order is in the eyes of men, not those of God. For God, if it be he who works, works in no uncertain terms. He will never be robbed of his glory.

It is a question of commitments and it is a question of beginnings. Wisdom is found in the answering of both.

That wisdom has a name. It is called faith.

It is the answering. It is God who answers.

Asking the questions with you,

C. W.

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