When the Spam In Your Inbox Cannot Be Reported to the FTC –



You know that, while I don’t promote controversial progressive social views or policies, I refrain – aggressively – from insisting that religious philosophy need must resist or organize against them. More than this though, I don’t see the utility in preemptively excluding the experience of any person in attempting to understand that same experience – commonly inhabited but idiosyncratically apprehended.

I don’t understand why you insist on inundating me with ideologically charged content or untenable Biblicist ‘Christian’ sermons or musings from [insert persona at center of the relevant cult of personality], who you seem to live (at least when it comes to your religion) vicariously through.

I really don’t get it. What I do understand, very well, is that it is not helpful to me. Indeed, it is – at best – a distraction that makes it more difficult to know you at all (something I very much want to do – know you).

I wish you would stop. Share your heart and, yes, your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with me – by all means. However, whatever it is you think you are doing in communicating in this manner – I can promise you it is not achieving anything approximating that sort of self-disclosure.

I live in the same politically charged and polarized culture you do. The bullshit (see Frankfurt) you send me (almost daily now) is – at least – superfluous. We have all internalized these same divisions. What are you trying to achieve exactly? It cannot be to illuminate or share some hard fought insight, that requires much more than merely clicking ‘share’ –

Please pray about what I have written here and consider – in that light – writing to me to disclose something about yourself (not reiterate a culture war narrative, regurgitate a ‘religious’ doctrine, appeal to some alleged authority on ANY subject, or even report the now-inescapable-news) and if you cannot honor this request, please do not write me at all. I am simply


Not interested (in whatever is not you),


C. W.

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