The Reality of Perception –

We always feel like we’re missing things,
because we weren’t meant to see all of it.

So really,
we’re not.

If we live in God’s grace,
We’ll see all that we ought.

People say that perception equals reality. However, the reality of perception is that it is, no more or less than, the determining factor in the question of real knowledge vs. self-deception concerning what is. Perception does not equal reality. It merely determines whether we benefit from a proper understanding of it.

We saints often find ourselves in a fog of false fellowship, motivated by nothing but the sake of appearances, we forget the reality of perception and despise what we know to be true. Chiefly, that truth exists and can be known in Christ.

A. W. Tozer said that true revival only results from a critical mass of individuals who are, themselves, independently seeking God. He called it ‘heart religion’.

I call it damning.

Do you fancy yourself a revolutionary? – Real change (that pleases God) is born first in the prayer closet of the desperate broken-hearted saint.

Prayer is the realization of God’s will – both for the saint and for God.

Prayer is the answer to the saint’s – What

We realize His will in the substance of our prayers, which is, itself, given us by the Spirit. In this way, we (literally) come to the realization of God’s will in what we pray.

Prayer is the answer to God’s – How

God chooses prayer as the means to bring about the end of His will in this age because He works in no uncertain terms so as to never be robbed of His glory. In this way, God has ordained that our prayers serve (literally) as the realization of His will on earth.

O that I would realize His will

In prayer,

C. W.

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